Adamson Collegiate Academy

The Collegiate Academy presents new ways for students starting freshman year to acquire there associates degree there last two years of high school. So far the academy has been good, i love the interaction with college professors and the IBM & American Airlines staff. The college courses are very simple, sometimes hard, but not impossible … Continue reading Adamson Collegiate Academy

Drug Abuse and Traffic

Thousands of families, friends, employers and communities are directly affected by drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction increases the number of children in foster care, child abuse, sexual assaults and prison sentences. It decrease productivity and causes work-related injuries. The annual cost of addiction is an estimated $600 billion in lost revenue, health care, legal fees … Continue reading Drug Abuse and Traffic

The impact of drug markets on legal business and the economy

Drug trafficking interferes with legal economic activity in many different ways, as do other types of crime. The consequences stem largely from the direct and indirect influences of the large amounts of money generated by the illicit trade, which must be legitimised, but also from the direct impact of losses to legitimate business and corruption … Continue reading The impact of drug markets on legal business and the economy

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